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  • eclinical works first week

    well i just finished my first week of work at my new office, using eclinicalworks, and it seems to work quite well. It is very user friendly being that i had my wife with no medical training being my MA for 2 days and then i had a floor nurse helping me for the next week until my new MA actually starts. Each of them was able to with very little training get the emr working. There is more work to be done as we add each of the pharmacies. We have some of them, but certainly not all of them..

    but it works well. There are a few bugs(or not really bugs) features that i think are vital but it doesn't have. I'm an ob/gyn and I need a fax prenatal to L&D button. it has a print prenatal button, but that doesn't work when i connect it remotely. I think it will work quite well.

    Cost wasn't too bad. 15k for 2 users plus the hardware, and I was able to get my hardware pretty cheaply. Maybe 10k more for everything, but I would have had to have a lot of it., hardware. Because it was a new office..


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    Another new user here, for 2 months now. You're right, there's a lot of work up front, but yes, it works well. There are a lot of improvements coming, too. keep up with


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      oh yeah, ecwusers is my other site i go to besides docsboard


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        eclinicalworks eval

        How did you decide on client server option vs ASP vs their in house lease option? Did you also get the PMS or only the EMR?

        I am an RE and I, also do gyn. I started my practice about one year ago and am evaluating EMR's and PMS. What other systems did you evaluate and how did you decide on this one?

        Thanks a lot.


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          i bought everything, and i have been using it for just over 1 year as of tuesday. I went with client server because at the time the asp wasn't really out or very available. Now I don't think I would get it, because I still have to have all of the terminals and the only additional thing is the server and of course the software.

          we have had the internet go down or occasionally have problems so I like it this way.

          I looked at greenway, too expensive, i looked at emd's, the ob flowsheet was inadequate, and I looked at soapware, but no substantial ob flowsheet.

          i also liked having a open forum to ask questions and get answers and no other emr had that.

          i have not heard of the inhouse lease option, although with the cost of support and everything I feel like I'm leasing the emr.


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            What about the bridges to Labs, and diagnostics and Billing are they included in the cost also what is the annual support fee. I am a soap user and have been for 4-5 years it certainly has its pros and cons. I have spent many of hours I am talking 100's to get this thing to dance to my tune, yet I don't have perfection. Sometimes the patients fit like a dream and other times I feel I am typing with two thumbs and have no control of a simple note. This is usually with that patient who reports every ROS to be positive.


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              Thanks so much. Did you get a tablet PC? Which one? Does the handwriting feature work well? Are you scanning in DL and Insurance Cards? Does that work well? I guess they state that all fields on DL get populated in when you scan the DL in? What scanner did you get?

              thanks again.


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                bridges to labs were included. billing and pm scheduling etc is all built in.

                I didn't buy a tablet but my partner did, she bought one for her and one for her nurse. handwriting works well per her, but she ended up getting dragon whichis much faster.

                i bought the fugitsu scanner just about a month ago, and i wish i had bought it a year ago. it works great and it very fast. let me tell you when you go emr completely have a fast scanner and have one for all of your front desk.

                and have good printers esp if you are the tech guy, because any problems with them and that's all you will hear about.

                i just bought a new printer for the front desk today a hp 2420 dn, it's networked and prints on the front and back, now i have no use for the front and back thing, but I needed the network connection...

                the autopopulating driver license scanner is like 300 bucks which i think is stupid for so little information, plus here lots of people's licenses are wrong.


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                  Originally posted by APS01
                  Thanks so much. Did you get a tablet PC? Which one? Does the handwriting feature work well? Are you scanning in DL and Insurance Cards? Does that work well? I guess they state that all fields on DL get populated in when you scan the DL in? What scanner did you get?

                  thanks again.

                  we got a tablet PC, I'd recommend going with IBM. we got motion and miss the keyboard. Handwriting feature is mediocre as typing is still faster. Yes we scan in DL and that sometimes picks up the wrong letters so we always double check. We got the mediscan. eCW or any EMR is not for the faint of heart. You need to love PCs and you need to be able to deal with all of the little problems associated with them.


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                    i just bought another fujitsu scanner last night so now everyone at the front desk has one, they are just so much better than what we had before. but boy are they expensive, around 580 each. the one that scans in the cards is 800 each.


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                      what model of fujitsu scanner?

                      I am getting a few scanners for my new office as well. What model did you get? And do you need a flatbed option for these scanners. Thank you.


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                        Most of the time you're interested in speed scanning .. using the flat bed slows you down.


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                          yeah in the last year i don't think we have used the front bed even one time. instead of doing that the girls will use the copier so that they can use the ADf. and I bought fuji 5110c and I have one 5120c for cards, ie insurance and driver licenses.