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Windows 7 and Dell

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  • Windows 7 and Dell

    I need a new computer. I most likely will get it from Dell. I am concerned because they no longer have XP os. They now have 7 pro with XP. This will be running a 32 bit. It was my understanding that windows 7 had to run a 64 bit because running 32 bit would be to slow. Does any one have any Ideas about these things. I tried to look it up in Harrison's Internal medicine and could find any listing.

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    Windows XP was probably the most stable platform. But 7 seems to be as good, from what I hear from my son and others who are in the computing business. Daffy, why would you try to look this one up on Harrison's? If I am not mistaken, this is an internal medicine text book. Have they now started including information on computer soft ware?


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      The way things are going they should. I see myself spending more and more time on computer issues and non medical issues these last few months. Anyways the skinny on the issue is that 32 bit OS can only use 3-4 gigs of ram. 64 bit OS has a ram limit much higher I don't know the exact value but it is much higher than 4 gigs. I am getting a computer with 9 gigs of RAM.


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        Daffy, I am not much of a computer person but I do have Windows 7 on my laptop. It has 4GB of Ram and is a 64-bit duel 2 core processor. The only problem i have had has been with Adobe Flash Player on the 64 bit. You can actually run either 32 or 64 bit on this computer. I have a friend that can run Adobe Flash Player on his but I haven't learned how yet.

        I thought the Harrison Internal Medicine comment was precious. Happy Holidays