I am researching dictation/transcription services. I think there are firms in India that do the transcription. I need to find them.

A information tech buddy of mine said he saw a voice recognition system in operation at a GI doctors' office. Not only is the doc happy with the results, but the EHR stores the actual voice print digitally, too.

This GI doctor installed it onto his own system, which then plugs into his EHR system. MY buddy is the IT guy. He does their EHR.

I'm looking for contacts to get better information on these issues.

What percentage of docs use dictation/transcription vs writing?

What percentage of those farm it out to India or somewhere? The rest presumably do it in office.

Does your Hospital farm out the dictations of discharge summaries?

What percentage use voice recognition?

Just tell me your US state, or region of the country, and what your thoughts, and known facts are, related to these questions.