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  • Cardiology board exam

    Hi. I'm hoping to get some advice. I'm going to be taking the cardiology board exam in November and need to review. I am thinking about taking a review course at Mayo or ACC or Cleveland Clinic, but those aren't until just before the exam. Does anyone have any advice on good ways to prepare for the exam? Thanks.

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    Did this dude ever get the help he was seeking?


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      Mike, I am not sure he needs help. If he is taking the cardiology boards, he better know enough to pass. He must have taken his other exams and passed it to come this far!!


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        My Fellow Fellows have suggested Mayo Text, Mayo Tapes, ACCSAP, EKGSAP etc. and from my director and friends, EKG portion is the toughest... you know #7 Sinus Rhytm all that crap where they deduct for too much. I will however ask some of the guys in my program who just took it and if there is anyting else, I will post back to you