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Can't wait for Dr. Ragland to start posting!

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    Gosh...if we could somehow get ahold of the old POL archives which have been "swallowed" and even possibly destroyed by now when the "migration" from POL to Medscape occured...there's LOTS of puzzles in there posted by Robodoc over the years. No wonder there's been such horrible hard feelings and clamor when POL was shut down. Years worth of clinical discussions, real-life practical questions from ALL medical specialties, previously archived and sercheable by keyword and by "poster"...they had become by themselves a good clinical resource "repository" even for the quirkiest and weirdest of topics. Plus the links to other good Clinical resources which do not exist on M-scape now. Plus the e-mail fiasco.

    But..what's the point "crying over spilled milk" now? I'm sure Robodoc will be back. He REALLY loves posting puzzles and "stumping" us, just like he probably does in real-life too, with his residents/fellows/colleagues!


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      Flattery will get you everywhere 3b! I have been on a rather brutal stretch of work the past few days (yesterday 32 pts - 20 admits; the day prior 18 traumas!) - unable to post - today has not been so hectic, so I will see if I can post another puzzle or two!