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  • Question for Robodoc you remember the thread you posted on POL a while back, about the presumed sexual assault on a 4 year old little girl who presented to the generated almost 100 responses back then from various specialties, as the case discussion evolved. I think it would be great if other non-former POL members or even former POL-ers who never saw that discussion could have a stab at it again here. If you don't remember the exact specifics of how you started the initial post...I have found it still there in the POL enclave on Medscape. If you agree, I can post here in this separate thread a copy of your original post about it. I think it was quite educational the way it evolved on POL, and touched upon many aspects of ED management, docs and ancillary staff competencies, and individual clinical medical/behavioral peds assessment too.

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    I don't know where Robodoc is...I have looked again at the thread I was mentioning above, and I found the following interchange within it:
    George - 09:45pm Sep 20, 2003 (#50 of 97)
    "Thanks for posting this most disturbing and thought-provoking case.
    If there are no objections, I will submit copies of this topic to the local ER and to other local physicians and to our frequent medical student guests."

    Ragster (Robodoc) - 01:38pm Sep 21, 2003 (#51 of 97)
    "No objection, George."

    Based on this interchange, and given the fact that we are in a restricted Physician-only forum, and hoping that I am not over-stepping my bounds, I am assuming the responsibility to post the initial post that started the original discussion on POL. I will open a new thread for it, with the title "Clinical puzzle, courtesy of Robodoc". I have also some follow-ups, which I will post, if appropriate, as the discussion evolves. I will be careful not to post full names, nor any specific identifiers.