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Can you measure a patient's height with a laser ?

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  • Can you measure a patient's height with a laser ?

    I am looking for ways to measure a patient's height. With cheap lasers around I figure there must be a cool way to do this.

    I invision a laser mounted on the ceiling (say 8 feet high). It shoots a laser to the floor. When someone steps under it, the readout on the laser will tell you their height.

    How is that for a productivity gain ?

    I suspect a high school student could make one of these things for $5 in parts. Anyone want to "get rich quick and market this?". (saying this knowing someone has probably has a patent on it).

    Anyone have a kid in High School electronics class ?

    Does a device like this exist ?

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    What you save on measuring tape, you may end up spending on eye shields


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      I think Craftsman sells one as a fancy measuring tape. Set it up next to the patient on a permanent stand, bounce it off a mirror on the ceiling and measure to the floor. All other measurements would be subtracted from that measurement to give the patients' height.
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        my nurse is 5 foot ZERO

        Originally posted by BigDoc
        What you save on measuring tape
        My nurse can measure kids, not adults with a measuring tape.


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          Using a laser to measure height is interesting, but isn't it a bit of overkill?

          Baybe we could lie them down and use a GPS device.


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            They are getting more accurate ......

            well ..............

            I'm still stuck with a nurse too short to measure people's heights. I am not getting one of those antiquated doctor's scales that has that ridiculous foldable metal arm that measures a patient's height.

            Anyone else use an alternative ?

            (on another note .. why measure a person's height ? for me the *ONLY* reason is to get a BMI number)(and b/c patient's expect it)
            I am not going to change my osteoporosis management based on a drop in height. Or at least, I've never come up with a case where a change in height prompted me to do anything.


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              I'm a short doc. I use a step stool as needed.