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"Task Forces"?

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  • "Task Forces"?

    Can please someone explain to me in plain English what the hell these "task forces" are?

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    They are some kind of working groups with a common goal


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      OK, I read through the stuff. First of all, who sees the need to "redefine" Internal Medicine? Second of all, did the "newspeak" vocabulary strike anyone here? (It made me quite uncomfortable, but that just may be me). Third of all, I personally think that there is a major confusion running like a common thread through the articles between the basic definition of the term "Internal Medicine" and the physicians that specialize and practice Internal Medicine and the system of healthcare delivery regarding Internal Medicine...such confusion, especially coming from experts in Public Health (many of the authors have additional degrees in MPH) seems quite unusual (to me, at least). Fourth of all, it was very hard for me to understand whether these articles are opinion, commentaries, analyses, or what else? Fifth of all, when I hear that there is a "task force" out there to re-define the very goal/definition/"mission" of a pretty old and traditional profession, especially its core specialty of Internal Medicine...I just get anxious. But indeed this may be just me.


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        Bugsie, you are right to be anxious. Any time I hear these words I am reminded of how the "Provider" came about and everything that has followed it. Any time "public health experts" begin to redefine anything I worry. Remember Hsiao from Harvard Public health? Paranoid I may be!