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Site-admin., time for organizing?

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  • Site-admin., time for organizing?

    Since I have noticed that you are working very hard to improve and organize this site in order to be responsive to the wave of interested new physician registrants, you may want, if it is technically possible, to move the few clinical topics from this place (Anticoag. clinic, Protocols, Crestor?rosuvastatin) to the Clinical subforums that you have already created in the meantime.

    The Physician Lounge is the first point of contact for new-comers to this site, and should remain, by definition, dedicated to general interest topics and also as a "welcome" springboard for any new doc here. Eventually, I hope that the Physician Lounge can evolve and have some sub-forums of its own (like Humor, Politics, etc.), but for now, the main focus is: first point of contact (i.e. first impression!), general useful information, suggestions, maybe some general trouble-shooting ideas re. navigating the site, etc.

    "Technically", docsboard is great. Some organizing effort needs to be continued at a rather accelerated pace at this time, to make the site "welcoming" to new physicians, if this is your clarified/defined goal at this time. I get the sense that most of the potential new-comers are already tired of seeing hesitation, uncertainty, vagueness, etc. They will want to relax and have fun and enjoy coming back here.

    I know you are all working very hard to make this happen. Good luck!

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    Another quick suggestion: can you change the name of the subforum "Clinical Cases" to something like "Other Specialties (for now!)", so that people will see that you are developing the sub-forums and docs from other specialties can feel welcome too?


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      Thanks Anon, I will add that to our To-Do-List, we are quite swamped at the moment, because of the upgrade; tommorrow evening I should have some time to fix things up a bit more, ...steep learning curve.
      I know a bit of PHP, but not enough to do any useful stuff just yet. The world of geeks is full of some really helpful folks. I belong to several online forums like this one, but unrelated to medicine where I often seek help & offer advice to other administrators if it's something I know. We find it to be a very rewarding experience to be able to help someone the same way we get help when we need it.
      Thanks for continuing to support the site.


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        Thanks for the suggestions Anon, we will work on that soon. We want the upgrade to marinade for maybe another few weeks or so, before then next major upgrades, we are toying with the idea of a chat room, but it requires more supervision, and we need the kind of numbers we will not have for maybe another month, we have so far been blessed with a core 40 something members who are not only daily visitors, but posters on here. We are eternally grateful to all of you.
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          Admin, if you need any help, please ask
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