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    Very interesting theory, that the very randomness of the act enhances its almost antagonistic value, since the winnner did nothing to earn it. It certainly seems logical, although some of the conclusions drawn bythe think tank speak to more than just "guilt" for a random act.

    War is a completely other matter. As a USAF vet of Vietnam I can tell you that the norm was fear, unbridled, in your pants seat soaking fear. Particularly since this was the first "war" that could not distinguish the good guys from the bad, everybody was presumed your enemy until proven otherwise and the focus was very smarmy at best. No clear remember Pearl Harbor type thinking.

    We have been duped by the John Wayne mentality into thinking that one guy with superhuman heroism can defeat the enemy single-handed with enough gumption and bravado.

    BULLSHIT! A hero is just an average Joe who was too scared to run. And I mean no disrespect at all. I received a DFC, Purple Heart w/ Oak Leaf Clusters and Silver Star. I was a 19 y/o pilot who was too scared and too stupid to know the difference. My country asked, I felt I had a duty to answer. And my dad, an infantry Captain in the Battle of the Bulge said that I had 2 choices: either join up or stand up like a man and say "No sir I will not serve." Even if it meant Leavenworth for 20 years. Be a man like Ghandi, said he, spent 27 years in British jails to protest something. Going to Canada is the act of a coward. Standing up and taking your punishment for what you believe in is true heroism.

    Boy it is 36 years since I heard those words and I still get a visceral reaction to them! Fear and the desire to save your own life is the supreme motivator. That is why we were so carefully and arduously drilled over and over again until our actions became automatic. Becuase the military knew the smell of sulfur from gunpowder or flashes of light from RPGs or missiles will freeze a man. so you go thru on auto-pilot as it were.

    I take no joy in the fruit salad that was on my chest. More, I mourn for the 32 guys in my wing that did not make it out of 36. To them I made my vows to stay alive and make my life meaningful. since I would have the chance to live and experience all of life that they never would.

    Well, I don't mean to make this a maudlin thread. But while I applaud the valor of those who serve their country, I cannot see awarding them honors to do in the aggregate what they would be put in jail for singly, an maybe executed.

    And bio.....glad you are still with us. You just KNOW you wouldn't have been so happy. Now you'll enjoy your outdoors vacations even more, n'est ce pas?


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      My PO box will be up and running soon for the EBM test of how raking in a fortune really affects us...stay tuned


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        sorry, bio

        Originally posted by bioisnonsense
        Yes, thanks to both of you!

        I want mo-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-ney - that's what I want.

        I'm banking on the Mega on Friday. 280 mill. That should suffice.

        I saw that that darned cleaning lady won your money. How dare she!
        CUT2CURE. We heal with steel! It can't hurt you if it's in a bottle...and the Rule of the Artery is Supreme


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          Our Money, kemo sabe, remember we are the Elite, here on docsboard, and one for all all for one, riiiiiiight?????


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            er, well, yes.

            After some deductions for handling charges, interest, small print.

            And your share comes to $100, right off the top, no questions, cash money!


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              A deal is born

              I'LL TAKE IT HANDS (AND FEET) DOWN!!!

              No withhold from the carriers, no copay, no OTRs to fill out, no disability forms to fill out, no staff costs, copier costs, a/c to run, phone messages to read & respond to, no calling in to override formulary restrictions......

              Actually, the way things are going $100 would be about my take after all of the above anyway.

              Now, about those hidden charges.................