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    KD - agree, it definitely lost steam after the first, but the first was hard to top.

    I love Fisbourne, he seems to be good in anything he does. Can't believe he was like 14 or something in Apocalypse Now. Now there's a movie for ya!

    "Been here a week now, waiting for a mission, getting softer. Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger."


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      True, Apocalypse Now was definitely another classic. Fishbourne was 14?!?!?!? I had no idea.
      "Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one." - Sigmund Freud


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        Ugh. That, along with Clockwork Orange are two "must see classics" that I wish I hadn't. Part of the problem with a lot of those generation movies is that they were made and seen by people who were high so the movie by default was "like so great dude". At least that's my theory. Even Blues Brothers, while mildly entertaining because of the cast, is - when you get right down to it - rather silly.

        My all time least favorite movie - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (or possibly American Beauty, I can't believe that won best picture, that was more ridiculous than Iverson winning MVP).

        Favorite movie ... too many to choose from... Matrix (first one), Braveheart, even Gladiator was solid.

        Comedies... if you like the darker side of comedy, you must see Very Bad Things. But for sheer laughs, Old School is my #1 comedy and a must see for any 20 or 30 something.

        Movie that I liked but the rest of the world seemed to hate - Waterworld.

        The Ring is a solid creepy movie.

        Rudy is still a great feel good movie.

        Hoosiers remains the best hoops movie of all time.

        My wife is fixated on Pretty Woman.

        Tonight It'll be Van Helsing - hopefully a solid B movie.


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          Western: 1)Unforgiven- Eastwood was awesome 2) Searchers - the best western ever made (a bit controversial even, when the cowboys go in killing all the indians in the village and Ethan's homicidal obsession)

          WWII: 1) Private Ryan 2) Catch 22 3)Longest Day

          SciFI: 1)Matrix 2)Alien 3) Body snatchers

          Comic book: 1) MIB 2)Spiderman 3)Hulk

          Any Solaris haters out there?

          "Chewed dirt, ate grass. They thought I's crazy. You don't think I'm crazy do ya m'am?"


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            Well, when it comes to westerns, Unforgiven is just a recent fad. But the real ones were the Sergio Leone's sphagetti westerns with Clint in them. To name a few good ones: The good, bad and the ugly ( Eli wallach played his role very well); Pale rider; Death rides a hosrse; For a few dollars more. But one of the classics was with John Wayne: Chisolm.
            WWII movies: Dirty dozen ( I know it was not real). Where eagles Dare; Guns of Navarone; Battle of the Bulge;
            SciFi: Alien; Matrtix; Close encounters of the third Kind.


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              One: down to the road block we've just begun - Two: the guards are through - Three: the Majors men are on a spree - Four: Major and Waterslaw go through the door - Five: Pinkley stays out in the drive - Six: the Major gives the rope a fix - Seven: Waterslaw throws the hook to heaven - Eight: Mayonaise has got a date - Nine: the other guys go up the line - Ten: Sawyer and Gilpen are in the pen - Eleven: Posey guards points Five and Seven - Twelve: Major and Waterslaw go down to the delve - Thirteen: Franco goes up without being seen - Fourteen: Zero hour, Mayonaise cuts the cable Franco cuts the phone - Fifteen: Franco goes in where the others have been - Sixteen: we all come out like it's Halloween.

              I always liked Marvin.

              How bout "Iron Cross" (Coburn, Pekinpah), "Das Boot"


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                Will have to confess a certain facination with well-written "chick flicks". Stop reading now if you can't stand it. But I found "Steel Magnolias" and "Forrest Gump" to be really good films. And I enjoy Nora Ephron: "Sleepless" and "When Harry Met Sally", (although "You've Got Mail" is dreadful). Maybe I enjoy my wife enjoying herself, can't really tease this one out.


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                  The Perfect Storm
                  Gone in 60secs
                  I am the witchdoctor and I approve this message


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                    When Harry met Sally is a classic. Here's the question of the day: If you could be one of the extras with one line, who would you be? You can't pick the "I'll have what she's having".

                    My picks: "Pea pod shrimp" (at the wedding reception when they're arguing)
                    "you two want to sit together" (on the plane)

                    Any other picks?

                    Also Bruno Kirby is a master thespian.
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                      Originally posted by Kursk
                      Any Matrix fans? I enjoyed it without looking for a lot of deeper meanings but man some people have gone off on the spirituality. I just liked the action and the blowing up.
                      "I know Kung Fu"
                      "You think that's air you're breathing?"
                      Matrix Reloaded, awesome!


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                        I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned Kill Bill. Saw Vol 1 5 times, and Vol 2 twice.

                        Pulp Fiction was great, too.

                        Quentin Tarantino is really something.

                        I was a grad student at USC in film before I went to med school, and quickly realized I was a movie buff, not a movie maker. But that was one fun year.

                        Now I make movies (DVD) of my daughter's plays. The other parents (MDs) are very grateful. Got a compliment yesterday, and it made my day. Sorry, just had to say that. It was a senior MD who was an attending when I was an intern, and I guess its really nice to be patted on the head.


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                          Well Tarantino is violent, I give you that. Resevoir Dogs is good, Tim Roth very good, not as many quotable lines as Pulp though. I like his choice in actors - Buscemi, Keitel, Roth, Jackson, Chris Penn are all solid and unique.
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                            Shawshank redemption was also a good movie with a nice plot and a good twist at the end.


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                              Agree. Morgan Freeman is always good and made that movie work.


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                                Buscemi reminded me of how much I enjoy the Coen brothers. Raising Arizona still a one-liner classic (along the lines of Animal House and Caddyshack), and Fargo and Brother, Where Art Thou are so over-the-top they make you laugh at horrible violence.