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    "Can't say that I agree with your police work there"... Francis was great.
    I liked the other Coen bros movies too - Barton Fink, Miller's Crossing. I actually bumped into the villian in Raising Arizona (Tex Cobb) - smoking in our hospital stairwell. I didn't have the guts to tell him to put it out.

    Glen: How many Pollacks it take to screw up a lightbulb?
    H.I.: I don't know, Glen. One?
    Glen: Nope, it takes three.
    Glen laughs. H.I. doesn't
    Glen: Wait a minute, I told it wrong. Here, I'm startin' over: How come it takes three Pollacks to screw up a lightbulb?
    H.I.: I don't know, Glen.
    Glen: 'Cause they're so darn stupid!
    Glen laughs again. H.I. doesn't
    Glen: Shit, man, loosen up! Don't ya get it?
    H.I.: No, Glen, I sure don't.
    Glen: Shit, man, think about it! I guess it's what they call a "way homer."
    H.I.: Why's that?
    Glen: 'Cause you only get it on the way home.
    H.I.: I'm already home, Glen


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      Raising Arizona - one of the funniest movies ever. Almost the entire movie quotable and immediately recognizable. Brilliant comedy.

      "Well, which is it young feller? If'n I freeze, I cain't rightly drop; and if'n I drop, I'ma gonna be in motion..."
      "SHUT UP!!!"
      "Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one." - Sigmund Freud


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        Took the kids to see this - very enjoyable for all, better than the first one.


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          I must be only person on entire internet that didn't like "Pulp Fiction". Maybe I should see it again.
          ?Does my medication need adjusting???


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            I thought Pulp Fiction had good scenes but overall was just an OK movie. I despised Reservoir Dogs.

            Attention fans of slapstick comedy:
            If you like slapstick, a must see is "Scary Movie 3". It's really quite funny and very well done. Laughed out loud - as did my wife - throughout most of the movie.

            Another rental - Paycheck - was surprisingly good. Written by the author Minority Report so it definitely had that feel to it, but directed by Woo so a nice combo. Good action, interesting plot.

            Troy - good flick, a solid B+ movie. It tries to be the epic that Braveheart was and Gladiator almost was, but falls short. Still, some good action and decent acting. Worth seeing on the big screen.


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              Harry Potter was very enjoyable, kids loved it, best of the 3 so far. A bit more dark, might be too scary for the very youngest


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                Usual Suspects - one of my personal favorites; also Memento for those who like a mix of medicine with their mystery thrillers.


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                  I should have looked at this thread long ago!

                  I collect DVDs based on Leonard Maltin's (my favorite critic) movie ratings. I have several hundred now.

                  My personal movie faves:

                  1. Man Who Would Be King (Sean Connery, Michael Cain, Christopher Plummer casted in an action adventure story written by Rudyard Kipling)
                  2. Cabaret (Liza Minelli, Michael York and Joel Grey--a colorful and compelling tale set in pre WW-II Germany, as the Nazis gained political power)
                  3. Dr. Strangelove--A neverending classic about the Atom Bomb (For a cute Atom Bomb documentary, try 'Atomic Cafe')
                  4. Harold and Maude--This lovely comedy centers on suicide and a March-December romance (Forget May...He's March, she's December) Cat Stevens provides background music (I'm dating myself here--but then, what's new?)
                  5. Dances with Wolves. Kevin Costner. Enough said.
                  6. If you like Nicholas Cage, try "Raising Arizona".

                  That's my personal hit parade.

                  BTW, Richard, I never knew that about your family! I once read that if you want to make a profit you put up a popcorn stand and build a theater around it.

                  As for the butter, your dad was absolutely right--creamery and none else. (Oh, oh, oh how I love Karamel Korn!) I had an especial treat recently when I mail ordered butter from pasture fed cattle (cattle fed the old fashioned way). I had no idea butter really tasted like that! With all the Omega 3 benefits from grass fed dairy cows it was virtually guilt free. It tastes like theater butter I had as a kid...yummmm!
                  The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.--Gloria Steinem


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                    Karamel Korn is a trademark name, originated in Chicago by a company which developed retail outlets for Caramel Corn in Downtown Chicago.

                    More later


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                      Originally posted by kid@heart
                      I had an especial treat recently when I mail ordered butter from pasture fed cattle (cattle fed the old fashioned way). I had no idea butter really tasted like that! With all the Omega 3 benefits from grass fed dairy cows it was virtually guilt free. It tastes like theater butter I had as a kid...yummmm!

                      How is that different from regular Organic Butter?
                      who by fire.


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                        Dr. Bioisnonsense, grab a cup of your favorite beverage--here comes a long winded answer to your brief and intelligent question:

                        Omega 6 and Omega 3 are essential to our diets. Omega 3 is not better than Omega 6; its the ratio that counts.

                        Algae promotes Omega 3 FA.
                        Natural fish is higher in Omega 3 FA than commercial beef.

                        Grass promotes Omega 3 FA.
                        Grass fed cattle are higher in Omega 3 FA (ratio Omega 3:Omga 6 between 1:1 and 1:3).

                        Grain feeding of cattle is a modern practice. Grain feeding in feedlots became widespread after WW II. So did heart disease.

                        Grain promotes maintenance and storage of Omega 6 FA.
                        Grain fed cattle are high in Omega 6 FA (ratio Omega 3:Omga 6 between 1:13 and 1:20).

                        The ratio recommended for health: No greater than 1:3.

                        The ratio in deer and other wild game: No greater than 1:3.

                        “Organic” generally speaks to the use of antibiotics and growth hormones.

                        Here’s what makes antibiotics and hormones necessary:

                        Cattle are ruminants. They eat grass and chew cud. They are not equipped to eat grain. Grain is unhealthy for cattle. It digests poorly, ferments differently, doesn’t provide proteins cattle require and doesn’t lend itself to the formation of cud.

                        Grass fed cattle are healthy, but gain weight slowly. They are ready for market in 4 years and slaughter is seasonal.

                        Most cattle start on grass and graduate to grain. Grain-fed cattle fatten quickly. They are ready for slaughter in 1.5 years, and slaughter is year-round.

                        Grain (mostly corn) is cheap, widely available and fattens quickly, but makes cattle sick. Bovine gastritis, gastric perforations and E. coli septicemia (‘sound familiar?) are a few corn-related maladies. At slaughter, nearly one in five steers will have a liver abscess. Fattening must be quick.

                        A local cattle vet told me cattle fed on pasture are healthy and don't require antibiotics. The New York Times reports this as well (Power Steer--'great article). They fertilize the soil as they drop grass seed--ecological.

                        Grain, hormones and protein supplements (like animal products—with prions!) hasten fattening in feedlots, while antibiotics keep cattle alive while on grain. A few weeks in a feedlot changes beef fat to unfavorable Omega 3:6 ratios. Cattle usually remain in feedlots for months.

                        Milk production is the dairy cattle objective. When grain is fed to dairy cattle to step up production similar principles apply.

                        “Organic” is not precisely defined by FDA, or enforced. Some dairies say their cattle are “natural” or "organic", with the explanation they do feed grain but do not give antibiotics continuously, only when, and for as long as, needed. They add that antibiotics are “out of their systems” before milk is collected and sold. As for hormones…well, it’s hard to detect commercial hormones in human beings so who knows. Most assert they don’t use them or they are out of the systems of cattle before milk is collected and sold. In any case, the Omega 3 ratios are generally unfavorable in "organic" dairy.

                        After learning this I went to the Slanker’s Texas Beef website where I learned the average American is “dumber than a sack of hammers” when it comes to nutrition (!). I recovered my dignity and ordered meats, cheeses and butter, which came to my door in great condition. The meat textures are different. Cooking is longer and on lower heat. The meat, butter and cheese is wonderfully flavorful. To my palate the cheese tastes more like it came from a cow (much like goat cheese tastes like goat, but milder). The butter....ohhh, the cow taste there! Yummm.

                        What’s the big difference in organic v. genuine pasture-fed dairy and meat, in my opinion? The FLAVOR is surprising, and the assurance I’m eating a healthful product.
                        Last edited by kid@heart; 06-16-2004, 06:37 PM. Reason: I neglected to mention a couple of key facts
                        The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.--Gloria Steinem


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                          Well robodoc took my top 2 movies (I think I must have taken about ten people to to the theater to see The Ususal Suspects) So my other favorites that haven't already been mentioned by name 1) O brother where art thou 2) Psycho Beach Party 3)Donnie Darko


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                            Very interssting, kid@heart! Though I'm vegetarian and don't like to think of animals being killed at all...

                            I eat organic because I hope it comes from cows who are gallavanting about happily, not tortured in a factory farm. As a side bonus, I figure that not eating hormones and God knows what else, must be good for you. I see what you're saying about the inconsistencies. But still...

                            So my omegas aren't balanced...hmmm...

                            About Cows, and other living things:

                            "And today the great Yertle, that Marvelous he,
                            Is King of the Mud. That is all he can see.
                            And the turtles, of course... all the turtles are free
                            As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be."

                            who by fire.


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                              <<So my omegas aren't balanced...hmmm...>>

                              Oh, I wouldn't worry about it too much, Dr. B. You're eating fruits veggies and whole grains...youre Omega 3s should be just dandy!

                              Speaking of food, Dr. B reminded me of a wonderful foreign film I highly recommend:

                              Babette's Feast

                              [Gentle Dr. B, this film is not recommended for you, see,...uh...ummm, well...OK I'll say it: Babette cooks a turtle! <:-{ ]
                              The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.--Gloria Steinem