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  • Help for NEW, NEW comers here!

    This is the General Discussions. In order to get access to the Physicians Only discussions, which include links to Physicians' Lounge, and some Clinical subforums (Peds, FP, Surg, Other...for now, but hopefully more in the future): you have to send an E-mail or a Private Message (PM) to either Big Doc or Mel, giving your full name, state of practice, and license #, and your e-mail, so they can verify you and respond by allowing access to the the LINKS to the Physicians Only sections.

    Since there will be an increasing number of people here in the short-term, I assume, trying to get access, I suggest that you use E-mail rather than PM for communicating with Big Doc or Mel (because their PM boxes may be full and can only hold a certain number of messages). I used E-mail myself.

    You can easily send either a PM or an E-mail to one specific person here by clicking on their ID (such as Big Doc or Mel) and several choices will appear under your click, either for PM or E-mail.

    I'm sorry if this sounds very didactic, simplistic, or redundant. I just think that people need clear instructions when they first pop in here, and not all are familiar with all the features of this type of bulletin board. I am still trying to discover them for myself!
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    Update: we have Psych, and Emergency Medicine too, as of now, in the Clinical subforums!
    News from Physicians Lounge: 2 new threads, which will hopefully evolve into real subforums over time, given enough topics and interested posters: Humor and Thoughts @, and Politics @!


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      Greetings - I seem to have lost access to my profile and some other functions. I get this message "POL_Kaput, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:" I figure it's probably something global rather than with my account alone.


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        Please check to see the email you used to register on Docsboard is valid.


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          The thread you see somewhere below in here called "Physicians" Only Lounge is Now Open" is NOT the "gateway" to Physicians' Only Lounge; it's just a thread ABOUT it, posted here in the Open General Discussions Forum.

          The GATEWAY to Physicians' Only Lounge is on your MAIN home page and should appear as a new Bold Lettered link to you after you get confirmed as an MD/DO, called simply "Physicians' Only Lounge". It should appear somewhere under "Finance" and "FMG's", and before the "Classifieds" and "Help".

          Confused? Take your time...look around. To always go back HOME to your main homepage, just click on the BIG blue "" button at the very top!

          Excuse me if I am maybe redundant, but, since this site is growing so fast, and there are so many new incoming registrants, it may be inevitable that some new incoming docs unfamiliar with the current format, may lose their way around a little at first.


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            POLka global??? i don't think so. are you sure you signed in correctly?????


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              Dear Dr. pol_kaput, you have to check the confirmatory e-mail you may have received in the meantime from docsboard, because there is a link in there that you need to click on in order for your second attempt to get full access to be restored. If you have any other troubles, don't hesitate to click on "Big Doc" or "Mel" and send either of them a PM or e-mail about this.


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                You may have noticed the improved new organization on the homepage:

                The General forums (open to all) are now on top. They include:

                general discussions
                employment issues
                medicare HMO and 3-rd party payors

                The Physician-only forums are clearly demarcated underneath the General Forums, and include now:

                Physicians Lounge
                Family and Internal Medicine
                Emergency Medicine

                The Site forums (again open to all) at the very bottom, include:
                Help Desk


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                  The site is very responsive to ongoing suggestions for further improvements/organization. In spite of the rapid growth up to date, things seem to have evolved quite smoothly and professionaly, in a seamless and user-friendly manner.


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                    And, I saved the best for last:

                    From within the Physicians Lounge you get access to 3 BRAND NEW real sub-forums:

                    * Ethical Issues
                    * Politics
                    * Movies, Recreation

                    The rest of the lounge is for...General Lounging!